C&S is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S. and the lead supply chain company in the food industry. C&S serves about 6,500 stores from more than 50 locations in 15 states, with notable clients as Target, Stop & Shop and Safeway. C&S Community Involvement supports initiatives to stop hunger and to promote the health and enrichment of communities throughout the U.S. and abroad. They invest in local community groups, and have strategic nonprofit partnerships to drive change nationally. The core initiatives of C&S Community Involvement are Eliminating Hunger, Encouraging Volunteerism, Protecting our Environment, and Strengthening Communities.

The website redesign strategy restored their mission statement and goals in a digital format that is easy to understand, mobile friendly, and targets a wide audience. By highlighting the four core initiatives, this defines the brand mission, and ties back to their giving model and charitable grants. Their impact is visible by showcasing their nationwide grantees with a grid of images that lead the user to learn more. The grantee section not only represents some of their charitable giving, but also allows for applicants to see how future grants can serve their community. Additionally, by integrating announcements, and a social component they are able to engage with their audience to share their mission.


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